Christmas Cheer

Corrine works in the bank

As an Assistant Manager.

Her job is to stand

And greet people who prefer to

Stand in line

Rather than use the drive-through.


Corrine sometimes talks

To customers who want to

Rent a safe deposit box

When all the male

Assistants are out to lunch

Or are playing golf.


Corrine had to deal

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

With a groping male Assistant

At the bank Christmas party.

She pretended to lick his ear

But bit off his ear lobe.

It was never seen again.


The Woe-Man of Legend

Smiled that night.

The Story of Corrine 1

Corrine’s father, Samuel,

Beat her when she cried,it-hurts-so-much_2173717

Though she was only three years old.


He was a harsh,

Cruel sod,

Who was forgiven by the priest.


Father Mendel, the slimy,

Cared not for children,

But only for men and Scotch.


Corrine remembered these two

And drew their pictures for herself.

When she could write, she added their names.


Thus, began her journal

Of men who had wronged her.

They would pay in later years.

The Curse of Corrine

His vapid mouth!

Mendel shot her a glance

That ripped her soul

Into bits

No larger than confetti.

Corrine dissolved into

Glutinous blobs

Of manically despairing

Woman who was wronged.

But then she pulled

Herself together and

Slapped the bastard

Into tomorrow’s hedge trimmings.

Corrine was cursed.

Cursed to be the strong bold Woe-Man

Of Legend!


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