N-N-1 Season Changes

I have been honored to offer this most recent N-N-1. Thank you to everyone who participated. I am already looking forward to the next one.

Princess Butter, whose blog is asplashofmylife.wordpress.com, has a short, but very sweet, entry for this N-N-1.

It could be spring, summer, or winter, for all I care. Right now, it is all about love for us. image1Here’s hoping for an everlasting season of happiness and cuddles. Occasional showers are permitted. 🙂



Barb Abelhauser has the wonderful blog theviewfromadrawbridge.com/ . She tells us about the change of season and of the change in her working conditions.

Seattle Opening DayAs a bridgetender in Seattle, the first Saturday in May is a pivotal one. This is the official opening day of boating season in the emerald city. Granted, you can boat all year ‘round, but today is a day of celebration. There are races and a boat parade, and thousands of Seattleites line the shores to celebrate spring.

It’s also the time of year when we start to have the spectacular weather that we try to keep secret from the rest of the country. So, yeah, people are out there on the water. I would be, too, if I had a boat instead of opening this bridge for them. They’re out there, and it seems as though they won’t touch dry land again until at least September.

As a bridgetender, two weeks ago I might have averaged 3 openings in a shift. Now, and for the next few months, it will be more like 10-15 openings. This is the time of year when I stop feeling guilty about my excellent pay and benefits, and actually start earning them. Talk about season changes!

This is a picture of today’s festivities from my perspective.

Miss Anju, also known as Cupitonian,  whose blog is thislabyrinthiroam.blog is in India. She sent this picture and writing:

cupitonian1It’s easy to assume that the tropics have just one climate – hot! But I remember the changing of seasons fondly. The trees in Bangalore would turn a vivid green; parakeets would start hosting family gatherings in them; the streets would smell like mangoes and the promise of rain; pink, red, yellow flowers would line the branches that hung over streets, sheltering children playing a game or two of cricket or kabbadi; the roads would fill with the sound of the ice cream cycle’s bell and kids running after him, screaming “ting ting uncle, ting ting uncle”. Every now and then you’d catch a glimpse of a mum calling for her kids to come in and hydrate – fresh lemonade, chilled watermelon, spicy buttermilk and the promise of endless afternoons spent reading under the shade of a tree! The houses would have their windows open, their carefree attitude leaking out or being sucked in, adding to the riot of colour and the feeling of total freedom. This week, I was able to capture that feeling of summer in a picture. And now, you get to share in it as well.

Mr. Norm who has the blog classicalgasbag.wordpress.com, sent this picture and writing:


One of the things that I love most about the beginning of Spring is the trees that bring forth new leaves. There is something special about new leaves on a tree. They seem brighter than they do later in the year. Even on cloudy days, like this one, there is a brightness in the color of the leaves, almost as if there  is a light from within. I’ve thought about it and wonder if it is because the leaves are sparser on the limbs, and more natural light limns the leaves, or perhaps the air is cleaner, or maybe it is my imagination. Whatever the reason, I love it.


And now my submission:

Spring Comes to Stub Toe Creek

Stub Toe Creek

Stub Toe Creek

Flows into The Little Elbow River

A few miles south of West Lumbago,

After meandering through woodlands

As well as making forays into and out of

Farmers’ drainage ditches.


Like the creek, my life has wandered

Through pretty places and bleak places.

I have nurtured a few friends

And have poisoned others

With the runoff that I’ve picked up.


I return to the pretty places, like the creek,

To cleanse my mind and body

Of the nastiness I’ve witnessed

And spread to others.


This Spring day is one of those days

Where I refresh my being

In the beauty of life.

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